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Dress Code

navy shirtkhaki pants

Dress Code, Uniform Dress Expectations

Simpson School adopted a school uniform dress policy for all students as approved by our parent organization.  Our school uniform dress is designed to enhance the learning environment of our students as they “Dress For Success.”

Simpson parents, teachers, and school officials believe the following dress code is in the best interest of our students for the following reasons:

  • To enhance a positive climate for learning
  • To eliminate peer pressure dealing with student attire
  • To instill school unity and pride
  • To promote affordable dress

The school uniform dress code for all students (beginning with the first day of classes) is as follows:

Tops:  Collared Polo/golf shirt – solid Navy blue in color (short or long sleeves) Girls may not unbutton their shirts exposing a T-shirt or cleavage. The top two buttons of the shirt may be unbuttoned/left open.

Understhirts – only white or navy blue in color and may not hang outside of the shirt; only one undershirt worn.

Pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers – khaki tan in color. Must appropriately fit without excessive tightness or shortness.

Belts - buckles must be no larger than the belt (shoelaces are not considered a belt)

Jackets – Navy blue in color (Simpson sells navy blue hooded, zippered sweatshirts with a Simpson logo on it)


Not Acceptable/worn at school:

Hats, caps, bandanas

Flip flop sandals, high heeled shoes, slippers, or platform shoes

Sagging pants

Lip rings, tongue piercings, eye brow piercings, tattoos


All concerns regarding dress code are decided by the administration.