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Simpson has an excellent cafeteria, and students are encouraged to participate in our program. All school meals include a choice of white, strawberry, or chocolate milk.

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Parents can pay for school breakfast and lunch online, monitor your child’s meal account balance, and also receive low-balance email alerts through EZSchoolPay.com. The online payment option is a quick and secure way to deposit money to your child’s meal account by using a debit or credit card. A $2.60 transaction fee will be charged per credit card transaction. For instructions on how to create an account, click Instructions for EZSchoolPay to download step-by-step directions. To get started, visit EZSchoolPay.com


Alhambra District Child Nutrition Department

The Alhambra School District takes great pride in offering affordable and nutritious meals for our students. The 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act requires school lunch prices increase annually until the price is equal to the price set in federal guidelines which is currently $2.70.  In order to comply with federal guidelines, Alhambra will increase only lunch meal prices by 10¢. This change only affects students who pay full-price lunches, and will not affect students who qualify for free or reduced-price food services.


Beginning July 1, 2015, lunch meal prices will increase. The new meal prices are listed below:


Meal Prices

The price of the hot lunch or salad bar is as follows:

                                Lunch (daily)              Breakfast (daily)

Student                       $2.00                          $1.00                          

Reduced*                    $ .40                           $ .30

Adult                           $3.15                          $1.60  

Adult Mini-Lunch           $2.40              

For students choosing to eat breakfast at school, serving will begin at 7:45 a.m. and end at 8:25 a.m. *REDUCED price meals are offered only to students who qualify according to federal regulations. Forms for this program are available in the office.


If a student leaves the district and has unused meal money, the money will be refunded through the cafeteria manager.

Reminders to Parents:

  1. Meal account deposits can be made by a student or parent each morning between 7:45 and 8:25 a.m.
  2. When a student's meal account has only two meals remaining, the student will be reminded by the cafeteria clerk.
  3. A student must have money in his/her account or lunch money for the day in order to receive a hot lunch. Charges for meals are not allowed.
  4. Students in grades 4-8 with a "zero" account balance and no lunch money for the day, will be given an alternate meal of; peanut butter sandwich, cheese wedge, carrot and celery sticks, an apple, and milk. This will be provided at no charge for up to three (3) occasions during each school year.
  5. Students will use their ID number for electronic accounting of their lunch money. As per federal regulations, individual meal accounts are not to be used by any other student.
  6. In each case of a misused meal account, the parent/guardian will be notified. On the third occurrence, the parent/guardian will be required to meet with the cafeteria manager to assist in resolving the problem and consequences will be assigned to the student.
  7. During student meal service, no outside food service (i.e. McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc.) is allowed in the cafeteria. Sack lunches are permitted.
  8. Milk can be purchased for $.25. If the student is not buying milk, parents are encouraged to provide unsweetened fruit juice for sack lunches. Soda pop or other carbonated beverages are not allowed with either school meals or sack lunches.